Glasgow Freestyle Kickboxing is a unique Freestyle blend.


The style is based around a Western Boxing hand style and kicks drawn from different arts such as Muay Thai, Filipino Kickboxing  (Sukmag Patid) and Chinese Kickboxing.                                                                      


We also have a full grading syllabus in place from white to black belt.

Freestyle Kickboxing

Most classes are based around technique work (Pads, shadow work, technique drills etc.), general fitness (Skipping, circuit training, bag work etc.) and sparring (level of contact varies depending on ability level)


We do take part in competitive Full Contact shows around Scotland. Training for a fight would mostly take place outside of class times and the student would have to be physically and mentally prepared for a fight before we would allow it.


Equipment is provided at first but any student would be expected to purchase their own equipment eventually. This can be arranged through us.

Senior Class

                                                           Colin Campbell Winning Scottish Title.
















GFMA Freestyle Kickboxing Grades  


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